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Shoal Creek Campus Update

Mr. McGrath and Mrs. Hay met with the locksmith to get keys made for our teachers and staff for the new campus! 

Next up is new Paragon signage and installing fencing around the campus in preparation for construction.  We look forward to all of our new improvements! Below are some pictures of our new campus.

The campus is getting a drainage makeover in the front parking lot. Mr. McGrath and Mrs. Hay met with Austin Drainage and Landscaping to try to drain “Lake Paragon” in our new front parking lot. We are currently taking bids from several companies and hope to fix this issue before we need to park in the current lake location.

We are also working on getting a fence banner made for the basketball court that will let all of Austin know that Paragon Prep Shoal Creek Campus will open in the Fall of 2024!  A construction fence is being built around the parking lots now to prepare for our remodeling that will begin in February. It’s an exciting time!


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