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Information For Parents


  • Your daughter should have been given a uniform top
  • Shorts – Players wear their own shorts
  • We do not give out shorts and leave that to the players. Our uniforms are black so anything dark will work.
  • All players are required to use knee pads for their own protection

Parent Volunteers

Parents are invited to join our Volleyball family and help organize water, sports drinks/snacks or after-game player/parent get togethers, parties etc.


Parents will be notified of any injuries that are deemed serious. We ask our players to tell us when they are hurt as some will hide their injury or say they are okay.


  • There is no bus to games. We can sometimes help connect the dots on car pool or making sure a player gets to a game.
  • There is a bus to practice each day.

Game Cancelations

From time to time games get canceled due to a variety of issues with little warning. As all our games are on the road and at other school’s gyms – we have no control over this. We will send out an e-mail as soon as we are alerted and let each player call home.

We request that schools give us a 24 hour notice or by noon the day of. However some school do not work with us on this and it can be very last minute.

Playing time

Playing time is not guaranteed. We work to make sure every player gets the opportunity to participate.

As we have a very large team this season – playing time will be difficult to come by. We are encouraging our players to be enthusiastic, positive and work hard to elevate their play and performance in practice to show the coaches they understand the system and are ready to help their team. We know this is a sore subject with players and parents so we wanted to address it right out of the gate.