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Four Pillars of Soccer: ​

  • Technical/Tactical:Recognize and react to different scenarios during the game.
  • Psychological: Develop confidence and individuality.
  • Physical: Develop physical capabilities to dominate 1v1 situations and move explosively in all directions.
  • Social: Encourage communication and chemistry with teammates.

*From Saul Isaksson-Hurst

Remind App:

In addition to e-mail, we are using Remind to send important updates and information for Paragon Athletics this year. It is also a quick way to let us know if your athlete will be late to a game or missing a practice or game. If a practice or game has been changed/canceled, Remind is the quickest way for coaches to get that information out to you. A link to sign up will be sent out at a later date.

Parent/Player Meeting:

Once the teams are set, we will hold a player/parent meeting during the last 15 minutes of one of our first practices. We will discuss the upcoming season, get everyone signed up on Remind and answer any questions you may have. More information about this meeting will be released later.

Club/Select Players:

At Paragon we have students who play club/select soccer. We still encourage them all to come out and represent their school and play with their classmates. We are flexible and can work with their schedules. If your child is in this situation, please contact me and we can discuss how to make both teams work.


Many of our soccer players run track as well as play soccer for Paragon. You can do both and do not have to choose between the two sports. We will work with your schedule to allow you to represent Paragon in both sports.


  • Soccer is a co-ed sport with 7th & 8th grade boys and girls playing together.
  • We welcome all levels of soccer experience. If we have enough players for two teams, team assignments will be e-mailed out after team selection dates.
  • 11 players on the field at one time.
  • EVERYONE will make a team.​


We will bus the kids to practice. Parents should pick up at the end of practice. There will NOT be busses to games, unless otherwise notified.


If a game is ever canceled due to weather, it will be the host schools decision. We will do our best to get that information out to you as soon as possible via the Remind app and e-mail.

If there is inclement weather during practice, we will move inside the JCC. If there is inclement weather before practice, we may move practice to Paragon Gym. We will notify everyone via Remind app and e-mail as soon as we make that decision.

Length of Soccer season:

The season runs from the end February through the middle of May – depending on playoffs.


  • Uniforms: Jersey tops will be passed out before our first game. We will also provide socks and shorts to all players. Please return the tops and shorts at the end of the season.
  • Shin guards: Athletes must wear shin guards at all times (practice and games)
  • Cleats: We strongly recommend that athletes wear soccer cleats. Please make sure they do not have metal spikes.
  • Water bottles: We ask all players to bring their own water bottles to games and practices.


If your athlete will be missing a practice or a game, please let us know ahead of time. We understand how busy everyone is but if we know in advance we can make any necessary adjustments.

Game Cancellations:

From time to time games get canceled due to a variety of issues with little warning. As all our games are on the road and at other school’s gyms – we have no control over this. We will use Remind to get this information out as soon as possible. If there is enough notice, we will also send out an e-mail with the updated schedule. We request that schools give us a 24 hour notice or by noon the day of. However some schools will give us late notice and it can be very last minute.

Playing Time:

Playing time is not guaranteed. We work to make sure every player gets the opportunity to participate. We are encouraging our players to be enthusiastic, positive and work hard to elevate their play and performance in practice to show the coaches they are prepared to help their team.


Parents will be notified of any injuries that are deemed serious. We ask our players to tell us when they are hurt or not feeling well.