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Paragon Robotics

Paragon Robotics Wraps Up Successful Season!

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L to R: Lara Williams (8th gr), Celia Cowles (6th gr), Alex Carter (8th gr), Aaron Greisdorf (7th gr), Arnav Mohan (7th gr), Michael McCuskey (7th gr)

Paragon’s fabulous robotics team, the Flaming Donut Unicorns, placed 3rd out of 60 teams competing at the regional First Lego League tournament in December. Woot! Their excellent performance secured them a spot at the coveted Invitational (State) tournament held in March, where top teams from Texas gathered to compete and show their talents.

Parents, coaches, and judges alike commended the Flaming Donut Unicorns for their work in the area natural disaster risk mitigation and their steps towards developing a website to help home-buyers determine the hazards a home site faces. In addition, everyone loved the team’s super-creative name and fabulous t-shirts!


Shipley Robot

The six-month season was a lot of work and, ultimately, a lot of fun.

We are proud of Paragon’s Robotics successes this year!