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Paragon Primary Testimonials

My daughter wishes we would have found out about Paragon sooner. She loves going to school every day.

Cheryl Terminella
Parent of 3rd grader Mia

Paragon is in one word, refreshing.  Paragon facilitated a seamless transition from Montessori to structured school environment with no problems.  Everything at Paragon is balanced; from the time spent on math to the time spent preparing for a videotaped play, everything resounds with an emphasis on “work hard, play hard”.  The curriculum has the right mix between math, science and language.  For 2nd graders, who enjoy getting up and enthusiastically going to school every day when they are challenged academically is refreshing to us.

Doug and Maza Heineman
Parents of 2nd Grader Yohannes and 5th grader Malena

Paragon is the natural next step in our child’s educational journey. We found that Paragon’s passionate and skilled faculty possesses the ideal combination of dedication and caring. We happily entrust our child’s education to Paragon.

Robin Dommisse
Parent of 4th grader Miles

Paragon has been a great fit for our family.  We wanted our son to be challenged, and he is. He says that what he likes best about Paragon is that “it pushes you beyond your limits.” Mrs. Goode (the 2nd-grade teacher) has done a fantastic job of tailoring how much challenge is provided in different subjects to different kids — a real benefit of the small class size.  Creativity is valued and encouraged in so many ways and in so many different parts of the school day.  I also appreciate the focus on encouraging positive behavior and the fact that the staff works hard to make sure the kids have fun, too!  We are grateful that our son is getting such a well-rounded education from such a terrific group of educators.

Jenny Brannen and Mark Dollinger
Parents of 2nd grader Jack

Our daughter joined Paragon last year in 2nd grade we are very happy with all the teachers , curriculum and homework she gets at school.  The staff of Paragon very is supportive and like family our daughter – very happy!

Asif & Aisha Syed
Parents of 2nd grader Amal and 5th grader Rayyan


I am 100% certain that Paragon was the right choice for our family. This has far exceeded my expectations. The kids are challenged and they are learning to love learning. The environment is really amazing and hard to describe. The connection that the teachers have with the students is amazing! The children feel respected and the environment is wonderfully flexible for learning. The kids are also very disciplined so the classrooms use positive reinforcement and make learning a joy!! The fact that the children are included in the conferences is very empowering. I cannot imagine another school where the kids read a book, get to cook the food mentioned in the book, get to visit a place similar to the book, and they have reading circles in third grade. That is a wonderful idea and approach to learning.

Dr. Keri Stephens
Parent of 3rd grader Kyle and 6th grader Sarah Kay

Paragon Primary has done a fantastic job in creating a robust and sustaining learning community. The program on the giving tress was excellent–integrating art with music and language arts. Related to this event is the way in which students are supported in exploring multiple dimensions of themselves and their interests–through current events, music, sports, social studies and all academic subjects and the special interest groups.

Anne Deepak
Parent of 4th grader Arjun

Paragon’s greatest strengths are its passionate teacher/ coaches and small classroom sizes. Compared to the elementary school we attended before Paragon, it seems that my children are getting more personal attention. It’s comforting to know that they won’t “fall through the cracks.” I like the work had play hard motto. I like that there is time during school to work on their assignments. I like the honest & open communication between the parents and all the teachers, including Mr. McGrath. The size of the campus is good for social interaction, but not so that I have to worry about the typical middle school issues of a larger campus. There is always supervision.

Michelle Kinney
Parent of 4th grader John and 6th grader Ingrid

We love it when we see that the kids are eager to go to school in the morning and in the evening excited to share what they did the whole day and eagerly looking forward to get back to school the next day. The kids love their teachers and are excited and eager to go to school every morning … all year long! Ms. Rominger is an awesome 3rd grade teacher … and our kids love her very much – she provides open good channel of communication and makes sincere efforts to accommodate every feedback. Feel a lot of enthusiasm and positive energy in the class room. Love the class atmosphere that Mr. Leibick has. Like the style and inquisitive method of teaching – it is very innovative and makes the kids think and provide them guidance perspective and focus on big picture view of topic. The school is awesome, love the way their day is organized, keeps the kids intellectually challenged the whole day.

Sridhar Keta
Parent of 3rd grader Shreshta and 4th grader Shashwath

The administration seems to convey a positive, healthy, balanced attitude to the teachers, parents, and students. They also hire people that do the same. I think this ensures that the children are getting good role models for how to treat other people and how to maintain a positive attitude toward life. The teachers’ attitudes and behaviors are far more positive and healthy overall than in the other schools I have seen. Discipline is more positive. Assignments and lessons are more meaningful in terms of having the student fit what is learned into their previous understanding and process their learning in a personal way. Raj loves Ms. Rominger and this has been the first teacher he has had who I felt had a special bond with him. Every time I’ve come in the class the kids seem interested and busy and comfortable. Ms. Rominger has done a great job of conveying knowledge of nutrition and her enthusiasm for eating healthy. That is a gift that I hope sticks with him. I think she keeps discipline in the class in a positive way. Great attitude and energy!

Kari Ramachandran
Parent of 3rd grader Raj

Paragon Primary has been an outstanding school for my daughter’s third grade year on all levels. The program they have put together has a great balance of strong academics, electives, and physical education. The dedicated teachers and staff encourage the children to become inquisitive and independent thinkers. The school ethos and the nurturing environment are beyond comparison. I could not have dreamed of a better primary school!

Laura Fielder
Parent of 3rd grader Raina