BenMac 7

Information for Parents

“The Blackshirt Way – working as hard as you can every day to be your best at everything you do. To be a positive person and show enthusiasm for all you do. To meet challenges with confidence that when you put your mind to it you can achieve great things. To find joy in others achievements and success. To be a team player and bring honor to the job you have been chosen to do to help your team. To be a Blackshirt is to work to be everybody’s favorite teammate. Because one day some players may forget the final score but they will never forget their memories and the times they shared with their teammates.

Welcome to Football at Paragon.  The Mighty Blackshirts have a proud and storied tradition and we hope your son will carry the torch as the next generation of Paragon football players. We expect all “Blackshirts to represent themselves, their team and their school with honor, integrity and be examples on the field and in the classroom. We challenge our players to both compete to do their best at all times on the field, and compete to be their best in the classroom.


  • Your son will get a brand new uniform when they come in and a Blackshirt T-shirt that they can wear for fun or for practice.
  • Shorts – No pockets!
  • Pockets are not allowed and when caught by a REF during a game the player is sent off and not allowed to return until they change.
  • We do not give out shorts and leave that to the players. Our uniforms are silver and black so anything dark will work.
  • Once again – No pockets.

Parent Volunteers

Parents are invited to join our football family and help organize water, sports drinks/snacks or after-game player/parent get togethers, parties etc.


Please make sure your son brings their own water bottle to practice that they can refill.

We provide ice-cold water for them to fill up as needed. Many players forgot water bottles at practice. SO coaches were trying to find them cups or extra water bottles. There is a public water fountain at practice as well.


Parents will be notified of any injuries that are deemed serious. We ask our players to tell us when they are hurt as some will hide their injury or say they are okay.


There is no bus to games. We can sometimes help connect the dots on car pool or making sure a player gets to a game.

There is a bus to practice each day.


When there is thunder we will stop practice and bus the students to Paragon Primary (Dartmouth campus) to hold chalk talk classroom football sessions. Parents can pick up at the regular end of practice time from Dartmouth.

Game Cancelations

Often games get canceled due to weather. We will send out an e-mail as soon as we are alerted and let each player call home.

Playing time

Playing time is not guaranteed. We work to make sure every player gets the opportunity to participate. We use a platoon system to allow more opportunities when we can. When a game’s outcome has been determined we try and clear the benches and also give players the opportunity to play different positions. At the beginning of the season with young players we try and get them comfortable at one position on each side of the football. So all our players will play both offense and defense and special teams. As the season progresses and players begin to grasp the system and playbook we may move them around for their growth as a player or to fill needs on the team that arise during a game or as part of game time adjustments/strategy.

We see the development of each player as part of a 3 to 4 year process not just one season. We want all our players to gain the fundamentals needed and knowledge of the game to compete in the sport of football and prep themselves for high school football if they choose to pursue the sport.

Our coaches try and assess the skill set, mental application of the playbook and scheme, athleticism and speed of each player to find a position that they can perform well in and contribute to the team’s success.

As we often have large teams – playing time will be difficult to come by. We are encouraging our players to be enthusiastic, positive and work hard to elevate their play and performance in practice to show the coaches they understand the playbook and are ready to help their team. We know this is a sore subject with players and parents so we wanted to address it right out of the gate.


Football is here the best time of year – Go Knights!

Blackshirt for Life!