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Photo of  Will Reynolds
Will Reynolds
Social Studies Teacher

Will Reynolds graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Wake Forest University in 1983. After graduation he worked in banking and commercial real estate in Washington D.C.

In 1992, seeking challenge and reward, Will decided to change careers and entered a Masters program in Education at George Washington University during the evenings while substitute teaching during the day. He has taught Middle School Social Studies in Washington and Austin for fifteen years. He and his wife Heather have a thirteen year old son, Henry.

“While I certainly want my students to leave my class with a wealth of knowledge, I realize that I need to do more than fill their heads with a bunch of facts. To be successful, I must teach them how to be a student and make them want to be a student. The great part about Paragon is that the line between work and play is blurred: We work hard, but we know how to have fun doing it.”