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Photo of  Marilyn McArthur
Marilyn McArthur
Math Teacher

Marilyn Dougherty McArthur has had a varied teaching profession. After graduating from Louisiana State University she spent several years teaching elementary school.
She is the mother of 4 children – now grown, and a proud grandmother of five. Mrs. McArthur spent 16 years as a stay-at-home mother before re-entering the teaching profession. Upon returning to teaching she earned a masters degree in education from Louisiana State University at Shreveport, with an emphasis on teaching of gifted and mathematics. She has continued her graduate education, in mathematics and school administration. Mrs. McArthur has taught seven years in Shreveport, LA, five years in Page, AZ, and has completed eight years at Paragon Prep. These venues have given her varied experiences from gifted classes to multi-cultures.

Mrs. McArthur is a member of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, the Association of Supervision and Development, and the Council of Presidential Awardees. She has been a speaker at state, regional and national mathematics meetings. In 1997, Mrs. McArthur was awarded the Presidential Award for Excellence in Teaching of Mathematics, representing the state of Arizona.

“We live in a mathematical world. Mathematical competence opens doors to productive futures. Due to the advancement of technology the level of mathematical and critical thinking had dramatically increased. Mathematical students of today are entitled to a set of mathematical basics that will enable them to compute fluently and to solve problems creatively and resourcefully.”