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Photo of  Joey Silva
Joey Silva
Director of Student Development Work

Joey was born in Albuquerque, NM and was raised in El Paso, TX.  After graduating from high school he worked while going to college part-time; eventually going to the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and transferring to and graduating from the University of Texas at Dallas, majoring in Psychology with in minor in Communication. Joey then moved to Austin, TX in 2007, continuing to work and eventually received his masters degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Texas in Austin in 2013.

Joey has been working with children for more than 15 years, 7 of them within the educational system. He has two young children of his own.
“I’m trying to make people become the best versions of themselves possible, all the while appreciating the struggle that it takes.  Life is not measured on where one ends up, but the obstacles one had to overcome to get there.”