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Photo of  Jeffrey Shoup
Jeffrey Shoup
Latin Teacher

Jeffrey Shoup earned his Bachelors of Arts in History and English from the University of Texas at Austin in 2006 and his Masters in Education from Concordia University in Portland in 2017. After his undergraduate degree, he immediately stepped into a career of teaching at various Austin area private schools while working with a wide range of ages, from substituting in kindergarten classes to coaching research projects among high school seniors. Beyond Latin, he has taught various middle and high school courses in critical thinking (informal and symbolic logic, debate, rhetoric), history (ancient, Greco-Roman, Biblical, and US), literature (ancient and modern) and language (English grammar). He has also served as a conference presenter and panelist on the topics of ancient philosophy and critical thinking integration for students at the middle and high school level.

“Latin isn’t dead, it’s immortal. The culture of the ancient Greco-Roman world continues to color our words, ideas, and institutions! And hey, exploring Latin in your secondary school or college years puts you in the company of many influential Americans, including Maya Angelou, Vince Lombardi, Malcolm X, Ted Turner, Clarence Thomas, Julián Castro, Mark Zuckerberg, and Taylor Swift.”