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Photo of  Caitlin Moser
Caitlin Moser
Receptionist, Registrar, and Technology Coordinator, and Prep Aftercare

Caitlin earned her Bachelor’s degree in English at A&M University at College Station. Caitlin originally started college as a Biomedical Science major. She has worked with students and young people her whole life. After continuing to work with youth in mentorship programs in college, she realized her true passion was to work with children instead of animals. She has lived in Austin since graduating college and first taught in a public charter school before coming to work for Paragon in 2013. Mrs. Moser started off as the deck monitor, study hall teacher, and aftercare teacher. This gave her a unique opportunity to spend lots of time with the students, really getting to know them. In 2015, she transitioned into taking on the task of school registrar and office manager. She also recently married her husband in October 2014 and is happy as can be.
“I love working with junior high students. They are at such a fun and interesting age. They keep you on your toes, they have developed a unique personality, and these kids have such intelligent minds. I’m excited for what my years at Paragon will bring. I feel so lucky to be a part of a team putting it all together.”