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Photo of  Barbara Sollohub
Barbara Sollohub
K-1 Teacher

Barbara Sollohub graduated from St. Edward’s University with certifications in the areas of early childhood, special education and ESL.  She has taught early childhood, regular education and special education for 30 years in the AISD and Del Valle School Districts.

Ms. Sollohub enjoys being a volunteer at the Marbridge Foundation and taking residents to weekly coffee and other outings around Austin.  Barbara also enjoys spending time with her family, friends, reading, playing tennis and taking her American English Bulldog (Buffy) for walks.

Teaching has always been a huge part of Ms. Sollohub’s life and it is a profession that she truly loves.  She feels that, “Paragon is a school like no other school she ever has taught at and thinks that Paragon is an amazing school with extraordinary students, parents, teachers, administrators and staff.” Paragon is a school which she is very grateful to be a part of and she can’t wait to see what the future at Paragon will bring.