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Paragon Athletic Philosophy

Paragon Prep fosters sportsmanship and teamwork. The school fields teams in a variety of sports that compete against private schools in the Austin area. The mission of the Paragon Athletic Department is to use sports and physical education to teach life skills. Our mission is to use sports as a vehicle to develop integrity, character, sportsmanship and a goal setting work ethic to achieve success on the field, court, pitch and most important life. The athletic philosophy is that all the essentials one needs for a successful life can be taught through sports.

  • Teamwork
  • Moral integrity
  • Helping each other and being there for your teammates
  • Setting goals
  • Creating healthy eating habits and exercise for a healthy life
  • Sportsmanship (winning and losing with grace)
  • Always giving your best effort
  • Having a game plan (for sport and life)
  • Facing adversity and learning from mistakes (fighters get knocked down but they only lose when they refuse to get back up and try again)

Sports Offered at Paragon:

  • Flag Football:

    Fall (August-End of October)

  • Volleyball:

    Fall (August-End of October)

  • Boys Basketball & Girls Basketball:

    Winter (November-End of February)

  • Co-Ed Soccer:

    Spring (End of February-May)

  • Track & Field:

    Spring (End of March-May)

  • Golf:

    Spring (April-May)

  • Tennis:

    Spring (April-May)

Team classifications

  • JV Sports -5th and 6th grade
  • Varsity Sports – 7th and 8th grade

Types of programs

Let’s play ball. Knights sports provide an extra-curricular activity outside of school for student athletes to make friends and compete in a wide variety of sports year round. No athlete gets cut from competing in a sport. All students are eligible to go out for any team or sport offered at Paragon. Our athletic department offers two sports programs.

REC Sports – recreational teams (Silver and White) for students who simply want to play sports for the fun of it. Even if a student has no background or experience playing a sport they can join in and have a blast. These teams compete in “A” and “B” leagues against schools in the AIPL conference. All REC sports teams play a full league schedule. Practices, conditioning, and coaching demands are at a pace in keeping with skill level and athletic ability of players.  All REC Sports teams learn fundamentals of the sport, teamwork and rules of the game.

Competitive Sports – Paragon offers a competitive athletic program to teach fundamentals, skill development, and prepare student athletes for the transition from junior high to high school sports. By developing student athletes from JV to Varsity in a system based athletic environment Paragon alumni have gone on to make both public and private high school teams in a variety of sports. Helping prepare our student athletes to reach their goals in sports is a stated goal of the competitive sports program.  There is often a substantial time commitment. Competitive sports teams would undergo moderate to intense conditioning, extensive game and practice schedule, tournaments, and film and chalk-talk sessions at the coaches discretion. These teams may also practice during PE class during the week in-conjunction with after-school practices. These teams would compete at the AAA or AA level against the biggest schools and top programs in the district.

*Parent Note* AIPL rules state that conference schools must send their best team to the top division regardless of skill level with the exception of soccer which offers both competitive and REC divisions.