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Upcoming Open House on Saturday 03/07/2020

Thank you for your interest in Paragon Prep. We are now accepting applications for the 2019-20 school year for all grades, PreK-3 through 8th grade.  Completed applications will be reviewed on the 1st of each month.   Please find below information and application materials for students who wish to apply.

To apply for grades PK-3, PK-4, Kindergarten, 1 or 2, click here.

To apply for grades 3-8, please complete the 10-step application process below.

  1. Complete an On-line Application
  2. Schedule a Student Visit Day
  3. Participate in a Student Interview (on student’s visit day or another day)
  4. Send a recent photo (paper or digital)
  5. Complete the Student Personal Statement
  6. Pay the Admission Fee by check for $50 (nonrefundable)
  7. Submit Report Cards* from the current year and two years prior
  8. Submit Standardized Test Reports* from the current year and two years prior *This Records Release form may be sent to the applicant’s current school to request the Report Cards and Standardized Test Reports.
  9. Take the  ISEE (Independent School Entrance Exam)
  10. Submit Recommendation Forms from the student’s current English and Math teachers

Paragon is accredited by the Texas Alliance of Accredited Private Schools for grades: Kindergarten-8th.